Processes Products

  • ► Stretch Film:

    Manufactured from low density linear polyethylene blends, in flat coextruders (cast), from 3 to 31 layers, this product is made available in manual or automatic versions. This kind of film is used to palletize cargo to allow for storing and transporting in a safe and quick way.

  • ► Prestretch:

    This is a new concept of manual stretched film, produced with special resins in cutting edge pre-stretching equipment, with widths between 8 and 12 µ. This new technology allows for lower cost packaging per pallet and better ergonomics, reducing storage space and using less plastic.

  • ► EcoStretch:

    Available in conventional, prestretch, and automatic versions, EcoStretch is the innovative stretch film that has been developed by Valfilm without using the cardboard tube, which is replaced by a reusable plastic applicator, contributing to reduce disposals and consequently decreasing environmental impact. It presents excellent ergonomics, decrease of occupied area in transport and storage, besides allowing for a more precise checkup of invoiced net weight.

  • ► Stretch Hood:

    Developed for various sizes and the most demanding applications, it represents a new generation of automatic packaging, which reduces the use of energy during palletizing and guarantees total protection of products according to the clients’ needs. Stretch Hood is made of innovative raw matter, with excellent elastic memory and mechanical resistance, allowing the film to easily mold itself to the product it will be packaged.

  • ► Shrink Film:

    Produced from blends of low density polyethylene, linear low density polyethylene, and high density polyethylene, in blow extruders and coextruders, this kind of film is used in automatic and semiautomatic packagers to assemble cans in one unit, PET bottles, cardboard packages, and others. Presented in trimmed sheets, double width, tubular, and ribbed tubular, it might be natural or pigmented, plain or printed in up to 8 colors.

  • ► FFS (Form, Fill and Seal):

    An especially developed film for automatic packaging, mostly for the petrochemical industries. Production is automatized, integrating extrusion and printing on line. FFS is manufactured in 3-layer coextruders. It might be pigmented or transparent, and it allows for front and back printing in up to 6 colors.

  • ► Agricultural Films:

    Manufactured in coextruders with characteristics that service all needs in agriculture. With a special additive added to its structure so that it can withstand various atmospheric conditions, the agricultural film is made of high performance raw material, with a high level of resistance to torments, anti UV layer, without micro holes, and of high transparency, a characteristic that accelerates seedling growth. Pigmented agricultural film is used to store the nutritious solution and presents excellent resistance to perforation by rocks, pieces of wood, or roots, thus guaranteeing plantation’s nutrition.

  • ► Barrier Shrinkable Packaging:

    Belonging to a new generation of packaging that brings solutions to the refrigeration market, this film is coextruded in 7 layers and it’s composed by innovative raw materials, presenting high barrier to gases and humidity, a high degree of shrinkage, and excellent resistance to welding, besides brightness and transparency, characteristics that lend value to the packaged product.

  • ► Medium and High Barrier Technical Films:

    Technical films with thermic stability, excellent barrier to gases and humidity, and high resistance to tear, characteristics that guarantee product’s preservation. Adaptable to client’s needs, films can be of high or medium barrier and are supplied in reels duly packaged and palletized, to stop any kind of contamination. Its brightness and transparency add value to the packaged product.

  • ► Films for Lamination:

    Film for lamination is mono extruded or layer extruded, under rigorous quality control. This gives regular linear width all through the manufacturing process, where a uniform superficial treatment is applied to guarantee maximum adherence of paints and adhesives. Film structure as well as its friction coefficients may vary to answer to clients’ several demands.

  • ► Automatic Packaging:

    Multilayered film with several structures that allow for longer shelf-life and maintain the products’ original characteristics. Excellent performance in automatic packaging, with instantaneous welding and high resistance. It might be plain or printed in up to eight colors, in cutting edge printers, which produce packages with high resolution images and guarantee fidelity to clients’ approved standards. Films are supplied in duly packaged and palletized reels, to stop any sort of contamination.